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Company News | 2024/05/21

Three bands of ultraviolet UV-LED and ten application areas(2)

6 Oil fume purification equipment application field

According to the report from Haining Yaguang, ultraviolet photolysis oxidation fume purification system is the most advanced domestic photolysis oxidation fume purification system at present, in this purification system, a special ultraviolet lamp containing 185nm+254nm plays a core role. It can decompose grease and odor in the kitchen air, and has the advantages of no secondary pollution, reducing fire hazards, small size, light importance, and greatly reducing maintenance costs.

7 Application fields of waste gas treatment

According to the report, China's textile industry VOCs emissions accounted for about 30% of the total industrial VOCs emissions, VOCs is one of the precursor substances of haze generation, is an important component of the formation of PM2.5. UV LED as a photocatalytic light source photocatalytic oxidation of VOCs treatment is better, with small volume, high catalytic activity, chemical stability, low cost, non-toxic and other advantages, the application prospects are wide.

8 Gemstone identification field

Different kinds of gemstones, the same gemstone of different colors, and different kinds of gemstones of the same color have different UV-visible absorption spectra. Although the color of some optimized gemstones is the same as that of their natural counterparts, the absorption spectra are different due to the color mechanism or color substance. UV LED can help identify gems and distinguish some natural gems from synthetic gems, and can also distinguish some natural gems from artificially treated gems through ultraviolet light.

9 Banknote recognition

Ultraviolet recognition technology mainly uses fluorescent or ultraviolet sensors to detect the fluorescent imprint of banknotes and the matte reaction of banknotes. This type of identification technology can identify most counterfeit money (such as washed, bleached, pasted, etc.). This technology is the earliest, the most mature and the most widely used.

It is not only used in the identification of deposits in ATM machines, but also in financial machines such as money counting machines and money detection machines. Under normal circumstances, fluorescence and violet light are used to detect the full range of reflection and transmission of banknotes. According to the different absorption rate and reflectivity of ultraviolet light between paper money and other paper, the authenticity of it is identified. The paper money with fluorescent imprint can also be quantitatively identified.

10 Application areas of light resin hardening

UV-curable resin is mainly composed of oligomers, crosslinking agents, diluents, photosensitizers and other specific auxiliaries. It is the use of ultraviolet light to irradiate polymer resin, so that it occurs cross-linking reaction and instant curing.

Under the irradiation of the UV LED curing machine, the curing time of the UV curing resin does not need to be as long as 10 seconds, basically 1.2 seconds can be cured, which is much faster than the traditional UV mercury lamp light curing machine.

At the same time, the heat aspect is also ideal than UV mercury lamp. Through the different preparation of each component of UV-curable resin, products can be prepared to meet different requirements and applications.

UV-curable resin is mainly used for wood floor coating, plastic coating (such as PVC decorative board), photosensitive ink (such as plastic bag printing), electronic product coating (marking and circuit board printing), printing polishing (such as paper, playing cards), metal parts (such as motorcycle parts) coating, optical fiber coating, photoresist and precision parts coating.

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