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Precision CNC Machining

Fast & Flexible Delivery
Low Cost & High Quality
Delivery Custom CNC Turning and CNC Milling Solutions that increase Profitability for you!

OEM/ODM CNC Machining Service

Since 2008
Quotation within 24 hours
Prototype making within 3-5 days

5-Axis High Precision CNC Swiss Type Lathe

200+ Production Equipment Imported From Japan & Taiwan
Smallest tolerance can reach: +/-0.001mm

CNC Milling & Turning



Hechuang Hitech specialized in High Precision CNC Machining Parts since 2008 with ISO9001:2015 & IATF16949 Certified. We have more than 200 sets high precision equipment. We are engaged in the production of different size machined components from all types of metal. Our production is adapted to serial products, as well as the production of individual and prototype hardware parts.

We offer Turning and Milling machined parts of various types of material (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass/copper, parts can be processed with CNC or conventional machines). Our offer also includes EDM wire cutting, grinding, welding, bending and tempering. The product quality control is carried out through the process of manufacturing itself and at the requirements of the customer, we also attach a measurement processing.

Our clients are companies from specialized technical areas e.g. Medical, Automotive, Robotics, Mechanical industries etc. Such as Toyota, Denso, Keyence, Panasonic, Siemens etc.

Our main goal is to provide HIGH quality services, acquire new business opportunity and never stop upgrading our Technology!

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CNC Milling Parts

Computer Numeric Controlled (CNC) Milling is a machining process primarily used in Complex curved parts. CNC Milling uses a rotating cutting tool similar to drilling, the difference being that there is a cutter which moves along different axes creating multiple shapes that can include holes and slots. Its ability to perform the functions of a drill press and a lathe at the same time, that makes it a common method of computerised digitally controlled machining. It also are the easiest way of getting precision drilling for all types of quality materials.

CNC Milling service provides various high precision geometric machining parts in tolerance 0.005mm manufactured by cutting edge. 
CNC machining centers equipped with multiple cutters. High volume and complex machined components can be produced in fast speed and high quality automatically according to the requirement.




CNC Turning Parts   

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) turning is a highly skilled, Precision Engineering process. With sophisticated computer technology and skilled operators, using turning machines, we can produce parts that are rich in shape and minute detail, while at the same time being extremely accurate. The turning lathe secures and rotates the stock, or raw material, being machined along a dual axis of movement at high speeds, while a single point cutting or boring tool shapes the material, resulting in the desired component being created. The lathe is controlled by computer programs, ensuring meticulously exact components are produced, and can also be reproduced.

CNC Turning service provides cylindrical machining parts manufactured by advanced CNC lathes. The machining materials cover metals and plastics, and tolerance of finished parts can be 0.005mm.