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Company News | 2024/04/07

The UVC-LED water sterilizer used in smart toilet spray , making our life cleaner and safer!

Do you know how many bacteria there are in the toilet ?

Every time you flush the toilet, it seems that the rapid water sweeps away the dirt and bacteria. However, a Japanese study pointed out that the number of bacteria on the inner wall of the toilet that has just been flushed is still as high as 100,000, including E. coli and Shigella dysenteriae. and other pathogenic viruses. Moreover, at the moment of flushing, bacteria will take the opportunity to rise into the air. Dr. Philip Erno of New York University in the United States pointed out that if you flush the toilet with the lid open, the instantaneous cyclone in the toilet can bring germs and microorganisms into the air and suspend them in the air for several hours. These invisible water droplets will carry Germs fall onto surrounding walls and objects.

Therefore, the toilet is a place that needs disinfection and sterilization that we cannot ignore!


Sterilization principle

1. The specific wavelengths of UV rays are largely absorbed by the DNA, RNA and proteins of microorganisms.

2. UV radiation can undergo complex photochemical reactions with DNA, causing the DNA chain of microorganisms to break, thereby causing the microorganisms to lose their ability to replicate themselves.


Sterilization advantages

1. Broad spectrum: Among all current disinfection technologies, ultraviolet sterilization technology has the highest broad spectrum of sterilization. Since microorganisms such as bacteria and virus antigens are not resistant to ultraviolet light, deep ultraviolet light can kill almost all bacteria and viruses with high efficiency.

2. Efficient sterilization: The UVC segment ultraviolet light emitted by deep ultraviolet LEDs generally kills bacteria and viruses within 0.2 seconds, and the sterilization efficiency can reach 99.999%.

3. No secondary pollution: no chemical substances are involved in sterilization, improving safety.

4. Safety and environmental protection: The deep ultraviolet LED device is a safe and reliable device, does not contain heavy metals, is simple to operate, and operates safely and reliably.

5. Energy saving, long life and low maintenance cost: UV LED has low power consumption and is very energy-saving.

6. Easy to install and operate: The ultraviolet UVC disinfection device is modular in design, small in size and flexible in design, and can be used in small spaces where traditional mercury lamps cannot be used.

Sterilization method

Flow fluid sterilization for smart toilet

Added a spray-wash function for users after using the toilet is an important function of smart toilets . However, this spray-wash function also has certain hidden dangers. The existing spray-wash water simply passes through a heating device, which raises the water temperature and is directly used. Spray onto the human body, but a single heating device cannot remove bacteria, viruses, etc. from the water. Instead, it sometimes provides a better living environment for bacteria and viruses, so it will obviously have an adverse impact on the user's health. By adding a UVC water sterilizer to the waterway, water enters from the inlet end of the sterilizer and flows out from the outlet end after being irradiated by ultraviolet rays from the sterilization device. The spray water of the smart toilet is fully sterilized and disinfected, reducing the impact of the spray water on human health. produce adverse effects.


Module advantages

1. High sterilization efficiency--the sterilization rate of E. coli within the lifetime is over 99.999%.


2. Sterilize instantly upon startup, no need for preheating ------ Compared with UV lamps, LED does not require preheating and can sterilize instantly upon startup.


3. Long service life------it can be turned on during the flow of water. No need to start when there is no water flow, which greatly increases the service life.


4. Compact structure ------ Compared with traditional lamp modules, the module has a compact structure and is easy to install.


5. Good heat dissipation effect - does not affect the temperature of inlet and outlet water.


6. High reliability------sterilizer aging test, long-term UV irradiation test, water hammer test.


7. Good waterproof effect------the overall air tightness of the module is guaranteed, the waterproof design of the LED light panel, and the glue filling design of the driver board.


8. Good sealing ------ automatic air tightness detection equipment to ensure the sealing performance of the module.


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