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Company News | 2024/07/10

How to control the product effect of UVC-LED lamp beads

We all know that UVC lamp beads have been widely used in surface sterilization and water sterilization. Many small partners in daily life may encounter UVC lamp beads will have a certain light loss, so how should we control our UVC lamp beads? Let's take a look.

1. Wavelength verification: Ensure that the ultraviolet wavelength emitted by the UVC lamp beads is between 260-280 nm, which is the most effective band for UVC sterilization, which can destroy the microbial DNA/RNA structure and make it lose the ability to reproduce.

2. Light intensity test: Measure the ultraviolet light intensity of each lamp bead, usually in μW/cm² or mJ/cm², to ensure that it meets the design requirements and disinfection standards, different application scenarios have different requirements for light intensity, should be customized and monitored according to actual needs.

3. Uniformity assessment: Check the light uniformity of the UVC lamp beads in the use environment to ensure that the UV dose is consistent throughout the disinfection area, which can be evaluated by three-dimensional light intensity distribution map or multi-point test.

4. Life and attenuation test: record and monitor the light intensity attenuation of UVC lamp beads after a certain working cycle to ensure that disinfection requirements can still be met during the effective life period.

5. Temperature control: UVC lamp beads will generate heat when working, to ensure that the lamp beads and peripheral components have a good heat dissipation design and overtemperature protection mechanism to prevent performance degradation or failure caused by high temperature.

Through the above measures, the product quality and disinfection effect of UVC lamp beads can be effectively controlled to ensure that it can achieve the expected disinfection goal in various application scenarios.

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